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116.58 Acres Farmland Muscatine Co., IA
Dec. 17, 2021, 2pm

Norma R. Broderick Revocable Trust
Online Only Bidding
Bid online at bid.dreamdirt.com

We are excited to represent such high quality farmland for the Broderick Family. They are offering you two of the best quality farms in Muscatine County and both of them have CSR2 ratings over 90. Opportunities to buy farms of this quality are few and far between. The farms are located 12 miles apart new West Liberty and Muscatine. If you have a desire to grow your farm operation take advantage of this offering and bring a top quality farm into your operation. If you are searching for a 1031 replacement, the considerations here are few. Top quality farms bring top rents and maintain their value more consistently. You are free to view the farms.

Land Broker/Auctioneer
(515) 202-7687 • Tom@DreamDirt.com

Land Broker/Auctioneer
(515) 537-6633 • Jason@DreamDirt.com

For more info, documents, photos, and video go to DreamDirt.com

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