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Friday, June 9, 2023
Live In Person
Coins 5:30 •Hay 6pm • Regular to follow

Stoplight, works; old wood railroad luggage cart; 100 year old baby stroller; Chinese buggy; portable pressure washer; tree saw; metal lawn chairs; wood chairs; several blue jars; 3gal. Ball jar; 1gal. Atlas jar; cookie jars; porcelain; tools; mechanic’s books; Sears 10″ 2.5 radial arm saw; Makita sawsall; other small tools; 1/16 & 1/64 tractors & implements; toy books; starting line-ups; beer and advertising lighted signs; John Wayne picture and plates; small crocks; brass items; lots of glassware including Corelle; Minolta camera w/case; 1gal. butter churn; lots of small antique items; lots of other items too numerous to mention; Morgan dollar; Peace dollar; Eisenhower, Sacagawea & Anthony dollars; several mint sets; dimes; nickels; Indian pennies; Kennedy halves; 1857 Flying Eagle cent; 1867 Shield nickel; plus more.

Lauer Auctions
(Madison County Motors)
Hwy 92 W 4 Miles • Winterset, IA
Dean or Loretta Lauer
515-462-1761 or 515-462-1797
Auctioneer: Chris Nehring

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Not responsible for accidents or theft.  We do not accept debit or credit cards.

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