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 Farmland Auction
120 Acres M/L in Greene County, Iowa
Friday, December 16, 2022 at 10:00am
Rippey Public Library | 224 Main Street | Rippey, Iowa 50235

Offering an “A” Quality farmland tract owned by the Corine A. Sudderberg Trust that includes 120 total acres m/l of prime Greene County, Iowa farmland.
• Located just east of Rippey, Iowa on the north side of paved road County Highway E57 / 290th Street and in Section 1 of Washington Township.
• Nearly 100% tillable farm includes 117.16 FSA NHEL cropland acres with an above county average CSR2 soil rating of 87.3.
• Farm is located at the “top” of the County Tile (Drainage District #16) and would be one of the first to drain. Tile lines include 6” to 14” drainage tile that flows into a 22” drainage tile that outlets into Beaver Creek in Boone County, Iowa.

 MATT ADAMS | 515.423.9235 | Matt@PeoplesCompany.com

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