Helpful Tips

Placing your classified ad online:

Go to and click on Place Ad top right, or the Place Ad icon middle right. *see screenshot below circled in red.


We recommend Registering as a User on our site. This will allow you to save and rerun your ads. You do also have the option of entering an ad as a Guest.

Fill Out Ad Information:

Fill out your Full Name, Email, Street Address, City, State, Zip and Phone.

Select Personal or Commercial:

Commercial classifieds include a company name or logo.
Notice the Classified Summary to your left. This will tally your word count, run dates and cost for you.

You may also select other options such as placing your classified into a second section for an additional cost.

Add an image:

Add an image to your classified for $7.00. This also places a box around your classified in print.


Feature for an additional $1.00 you can feature your ad on our website. Your ad will appear in our featured section and be placed at the top of its search results. *Note – if you select the option to have your ad featured and you add a photo, for best viewable results in the featured section, your photo should be horizontal landscape (wider than it is high) to prevent elements in your photo from being awkwardly cropped off.


Boxed for an additional $2.00 place a box around your classified. (this appears in our paper this way, not online)

or an additional 50ยข/day you can place your ad online now!

Ad Run Dates:

Select your run dates.

Personal classifieds are buy one week get the second week free. Commercial are one week. *During January and February, 2018 we are running a special for non-commercial classifieds – buy one week get TWO WEEKS FREE.

Review your ad info and click Add to Cart.

Review Cart and Checkout:

Review your ad, remove it or place another ad.

Fill in your billing information and click Pay $6.90 (this amount will reflect the amount for your specific ad).

That’s it! You’re done. Let us know if you have any questions. Thank you for your business.

In our next post, we’ll give you tips on getting your photos ready to publish in your ad.