Helpful Photo Tips
for taking, uploading and sending photos for use in your classifieds

Emphasis – make the item(s) you are selling/promoting the emphasis of the photo. Here are some great tips from Kodak: Click to Learn More »

Use clear photos. If you notice your photo appears blurry, clean your camera’s lens with a lens wipe and try again. Also, make sure to hold the camera steady and have ample lighting.

Place your ad online: There is an advantage to placing your ad online. Ads placed online will be in color online and in black and white in the paper, whereas ads placed over the phone, mailed, emailed or dropped off will be in black and white online and in the paper. Also, if you choose to FEATURE your ad online – featured ads appears large and at the top of the classifieds page in a rotating slideshow– you may want to use a horizontal photo. Vertical photos may crop at an odd angle, and all or part of your image will be lost in the view. We do look for these and go in and crop them as best we can, so your photo is highlighted in the best way possible, but it’s always good to be safe and use a horizontal photo. If you do use a vertical photo, make sure that your subject fills as much of the image as possible.

You can also email/text your photos to, stop by with an original photo and we can scan it for you, or stop by we can show you how to get it off your digital device for use in your ad.

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