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 Wendell D. Behrend Estate, Sod Buster LLC, Owner
503.44 Acres M/L • Shelby County Farmland Auction
Fri., Dec. 10, 2021 • 10:00 A.M.
Sale Location: Therkildsen Center, 706 Victoria St., Harlan, IA

 Farmland Sold In 3 Parcels:

PARCEL 1 – 287.44 acres M/L (Polk twp. – sections 14 & 23) (The acreage has been surveyed off and Wayne Hansen Real Estate LLC will be listing the acreage to sell.) FSA INFORMATION: CSR2: 75.4 Cropland Acres: 266.26 Acres M/L; Acre Corn Base: 143.8; PLC Yield: 189; Acre Soybean Base: 115; PLC Yield: 47; Terraces: Yes; Soil Types: Ackmore, Exira, Zook, Judson, Judson-Ackmore-Colo, Nodaway, Marshall, Exira, Shelby, Kennebec; TAXES: Approximately $8372/yr.; 2 – Eaton Grain Bins 24’x18’; 1 – Grain Bin 18’x18

PARCEL 2- 96 Acres M/L (Polk Twp. – Sections 28 & 29) FSA INFORMATION: CSR2: 89.4; Crop Acres – 89.4 M/L; Acre Corn Base: 46.4; PLC Yield: 170; Acre Soybean Base: 41.1; PLC Yield: 49; Soil Types: Marshall, Kennebec, Nodaway, Judson, Zook, Ackmore; TAXES: Approximately $ 3408/yr.; 1 – Grain Bin 24’x18’

PARCEL 3 – 120 Acres M/L (Polk Twp. – Sections 21 & 28) FSA INFORMATION: CSR2 – 79.5 Crop Acres – 99.43 M/L; Acre Corn Base: 78.9; PLC Yield: 170; Acre Soybean Base: 15.2; PLC Yield: 49; Soil Types: Nodaway, Ackmore, Kennebec, Marshall, Judson-Ackmore-Colo, Exira; Taxes: Approximately $3500/yr.; CRP: There are two CRP contracts on Parcel 3. One is for 1.64 acres x $330 per acre with a start date of Oct. 1st, 2013 and runs through Sept. 30th, 2023 with annual payment of $541. The second contract is for 3.57 acres x $240 per acre with a start date of Oct. 1st, 2013 and runs through Sept. 30th 2023 with annual payment of $857.Corn Crib 28’x40’; 2 Grain Bins 24’x18’

TERMS: The successful bidder or bidders will sign a purchase agreement on the day of the sale at which time put 10% down payment with a balance due on January 20th, 2022. The new owner will receive the 10/01/2022 CRP payment.

TAXES: Sellers agree to pay all taxes prorated to date of closing which will be on January 20th, 2022.

POSSESSION: Full possession on March 1st, 2022. Full farming rights for 2022. All rental income for 2021 will be retained by Sellers.

CLOSING Attorney: Kate Kohorst, 602 Market St., Harlan, IA 51537 Phone # 712-755-3156
AUCTIONEER’S NOTE: We are very excited to have the opportunity to sell these excellent parcels of Shelby County Farmland. All information gathered at County FSA office is deemed reliable, however it will be the responsibility of interested parties to research and verify their own information. Property legal descriptions are available upon request by contacting the Closing Attorney’s office. Property is being sold “AS IS.” Parcel 1 will be sold first and then Parcel 2 followedy by Parcel 3. Wayne Hansen Real Estate LLC and Osborn Auction LLC represent the seller in this transaction. Announcements made day of sale takes precedence over all written materials. Go to www.osbornauction.com or www.waynehansen.com to watch DRONE VIDEO of all three parcels. 

 Auction Conducted By: Osborn Auction LLC, www.osbornauction.com 712-579-4824 & Wayne Hansen Real estate LLC, www.waynehansen.com 712-249-1785
All announcements made day of sale take precedenceover all written material.

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