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79.03 Acres Farmland Dallas Co., IA
Dec. 17, 2021, 10am

Norma R. Broderick Revocable Trust
Online Bidding Only
Bid online at bid.dreamdirt.com

Located in the heart of Central Iowa, this farm is an absolute gem in a hard to buy neighborhood and just off hard surface road at Dallas Center. The farm is very near local markets. If you are looking for land, this farm is the pinnacle of quality with an 88 CSR2 rating and high quality soils. Any 1031 exchangers should find this farm to be a true quality replacement that will bring premium rents. Owning the best farms has been a successful strategy for the best farmers, and this one is sure to help you grow any farming operation. You are free to view the farms. Contact Auctioneer Tom Bradley at 515-202-7687 with questions.

Land Broker/Auctioneer
(515) 202-7687 • Tom@DreamDirt.com

Land Broker/Auctioneer
(515) 537-6633 • Jason@DreamDirt.com

For more info, documents, photos, and video go to DreamDirt.com

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