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 Sterling Morris Estate: Guns, Ammo, Reloading
Saturday, May 14Th, 2022 At 11:00 A.M.
Fairgrounds Community Building, Winterset, Iowa

GUNS—MAKE/MODEL/CAL.: Ruger/#1/243; Ruger/#1/338 Mag; Ruger/#3/22 Hornet; Ruger All Weather/#77/22 Hornet; Ruger/#77/458 Winchester Mag; Ruger/#77/22 LR; Ruger/#77 Halkeye 375 Ruger; Ruger tainless/#77 Target/6.5 Creedmoor; Ruger/#77 Halkeye/240 Remington; Ruger/44 Mag; Ruger/10/22/22 LR; Ruger/10/22/22 LR; CZ/550/416 Rigby; CZ/455/22 LR; Cooper/21/221 Fireball; Colt/H Bar Match Target/.556; Anschutz/1416 Classic/22 LR; Kimber/82 US Marked/22 LR; Military Steyr/M95/8 x 56 R; Eddystone/M17 9-18/3006; Springfield/1903 8-18/3006; Remington/03A3/3006; Smith Carona/03A3/3006; Savage/Model 12/6.5; Savage/Model 12 LRVP/6MM Norma; Savage/12/204 Ruger; Savage/12/243; Savage/12/308; Savage/260; Savage/99 Takedown/22 Hp; Savage/99/300 Sav.; Savage/99 Takedown/250-3000; Savage/99/300 Savage; Savage/7Z/22 LR; Savage/Mark II/17 Mach 2; Savage/110/308; Savage/16/250 Savage; Marlin/1894 CL/25-20; Thompson Center/Contender/22 LR Target; Winchester/320/22 LR.

HANDGUNS: Ruger/Mark 1/22 LR; Ruger/22/45/22 LR; Ruger/Black Hawk/45/45; Ruger/Single 10/22 LR; Ruger/SP 101 10 round/22 LR; Remington/SP 100/221 Fire ball; Colt/Gold Cup/45 ACP; Glock/21/45 ACP; Smith & Wesson/Revolver/45 ACP; Uberti/Single Action/38 Special; BBL/Wood Thompson/Center Contender/223.

SHOTGUNS: Browning/GTI over/under/12 g; Browning/Magnum 20 A5/20 g; LC Smith/High Grade side by side/20 g; Ithaca/220 E Double/12 g; West Point/Single shot/12 g; Winchester/37/12 g; Winchester/37/16 g; CZ Double case-Hardened Ringneck/12 g; Remington/1187/12 g; Remington 1148/410; Mossberg/500/410; H & R/Topper 58/410; Marlin/551 D/10 g. 

AIR RIFLES: Beeman/177 Target; Marksman/177 Target; Thompson Center Muzzle Loader Cherokee/.32; A LOT of Ammo; Reloading; Scopes; A few bows and more.

CONSIGNED BY OTHERS: 8 mm Mauser; Remington 20 g 870 Express; Stevens 22 Model 86D; Topper Model 158 20 g; New England Model P 20g; Savage 12 g Model 775 A; Stevens 10g; Marlin 57-M 22 mag rifle; Remington Model 12 A 22 pump rifle; Ivar Johnson 22 Revolver Target Model 55A 8-shot; H&R 22 Revolver Hunter Model; and more.


AUCTIONEER’S NOTE: Several of these guns have never been fired. Building will be open Friday from 10:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. if you would like to view this auction early.

TERMS OF SALE: ID is required to receive bid numbers. Gun permits are required to purchase guns. We accept checks and cash only, no cards and we are not responsible in case of accident or theft. Thank you.

Hartman Auctioneering
Steve Hartman – Cell 515-468-7857, Home 515-462-4584

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