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Ends Thursday, August 15 • 6PM

Grand Junction, Iowa

2012 Chevy 4 door, 4 wheel pickup; JD 4400 combine w/ heads; JD planters; disk fi eld cult, chisel; JD Vera width plow; IH Super C w/mower and M; AC D 14 w/mower, JD B w/loader; 1975 Triumph motorcycle, original bill sale, all plates 1-owner; mowers; rakes; (2) JD Wood wheel wagons, 1 family owner; wood JD spreader, like new; horse equip; plows; potato planter and diggers; (3) Parker wagons, (2) are 4000; rare items. Bid online here: https://hibid.com/catalog/177419/auction- -farm-equipment–1-owner-items-back-to-eary-1900s/.

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