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Wed., Nov. 27th 11AM Regular sale followed by Spring Bred Cows & Fall Pairs Special

40 (10 red angus, 30 blk/bwf) with calves at side, 3-5 yr olds , all calves will be 6-12 weeks old—–RECIP guys you will want to check these out!! Not exposed back to bulls yet!! 23 red angus, 3-5 yr olds, calve March 5th 28 blk, 3 yr olds, coming with 2nd calf 12 fall pairs-blk w/ calves at side weighing 150-300# 30 blk-running age, 3 yr olds to broken, bred to start calving Feb 20th for 60 days, bred blk 10 mixed colored cows-running age, 3 yr olds to broken-bred to calve March/April

14 COMPLETE DISPERSION 1 hd coming 2 yrs old-Char bull Boardwalk (sired by Whiplash) 13 hd running age cows-blk-will calve March 22nd for 60 days-bred to char bull Boardwalk, vibrio lepto, 7way, resp shots, poured 26 running age cows bred for March 15th for 75 days 18 fi rst calf hfrs-bred for Jan 15th for 60 daysbred to LBW Angus Bulls pending – fall pairs ~more expected by sale time~

Wed., Dec. 4th 11AM Regular sale followed by Special Feeder Calf

140 strs & hfrs, 350-450#, weaned, GT, mostly black, few reds, shots 5 strs & hfrs, 450-600#, 1 round implants, GT, vaccinated, poured, shots 50 strs & hfrs, 500-600#, blk, GT, LTW 40 hfrs, bwf, 525-625#, GT , LTW, OCV 100 strs & hfrs , 450-600#GT, not weaned 30 strs & hfrs , 550-600#, mostly blk, few reds & chars, 2 rnds shots, weaned 35 strs & hfrs, 550-650#, weaned, GT 21 blk/bwf, 500-600#, LTW, GT, shots, LTW 30 strs&hfrs, 500-600#, weaned, 2 rnds shots, implants

24 strs & hfrs,500#, weaned 60 days, 4 rnds shots, no implants, purebred black angus calves 30 strs & hfrs, 500-650#, blk/bwf, weaned, 2 rnds shots 50 strs & hfrs, 550-650, weaned, shots 45 strs & hfrs, 500-600#, blk, LTW, GT, shots 70 1 straight potload , 750-800# , yrlings 10 , strs & hfrs, yrlings, 700-800#, green tag, vaccinated and poured, all shots, had 1 round of implants at 300#’s 40 , strs & hfrs , 600-800#, blk, LTW, GT ~more expected by sale time~

Wed., Dec. 11th Regular sale followed by Sheep and Goats

Sat., Dec. 14th RCS Production Sale

Wed., Dec. 18th Regular sale followed by Special Red Angus & Red Angus Tag Sale

Sat., Dec. 21st Special Bred Cow & Pair Sale (8am weigh cows, breds start at 11am)

Wed., Dec. 25th Merry Christmas – NO SALE

Wed., Jan. 1st Happy New Year – NO SALE

Sat., Jan. 4th Special Feeder Calf Sale (8am weigh cows, feeders start at 11am)

Wed., Jan. 8th Regular sale followed by sheep and goats

 Doug Wright (mgr) 641-328-4970

Charlie Horton 641-223-2468

Bill Applegate 641-344-1201

Art Snyder 641-777-6413

Dave Ernst (sheep & goats)


Brad Duckworth 641-344-5403

Dylan Webb 641-414-1025

Bruce Brockway 515-979-6991

Joe Crandall (yrd mgr) 563-379-1170

Scott Prunty 641-344-6683

*Goose Neck and Semi Load hauling available*


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