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Humeston Livestock Exchange

1026 N Front St. • Humeston, IA Doug Wright, Mgr 641-328-4970 OFFICE 641-877-6092 

Please visit us on our Facebook Page or website www.humestonlivestockexchange.com to view our upcoming sale consignments 

UPCOMING SALES: Wednesday, October 16 Regular Sale followed by Special Feeder Calf Wednesday, October 23 Regular Sale Wednesday, October 30 Regular Sale followed by Special Feeder Calf 

Watch our live auctions online at www.cattleusa.com *Please pre-register the day before the sale* 


Live Cattle Auctions

Bruce Brockway: 515-979-6991 Field Representative Brad Duckworth: 641-344-5403 Field Representative Bill Applegate: 641-344-1201 Field Representative David Ernst: 641-891-9501 (Sheep and Goats) Field Representative Joe Crandall: 563-379-1170 (Yard Manager/ Field Rep) *Goose Neck and Semi Load hauling available*